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Joseph Cozzolino
Financial Solutions Advisor at Merrill Lynch
CFI closes the gap between theoretical knowledge learned in college and practical skills that employers are looking for.
Ali Oatridge
HR Specialist, Axos Bank
The CFI team actually took the initiative to find more courses that expanded on topics and include them as electives.
Jr. Banking Analyst, Axos Bank
They were very informative and taught in a manner that was very easy to follow. The course had really great handouts that I use and refer to a lot.
When Your Team Thrives, So Does Your Firm
Highly practical skills training that drives stronger dealmaking and generates outsized returns
Investment Banking Markets Sales & Trading Commercial Banking Asset Management Private Equity Wealth Management
Go Beyond Desk Ready
Turn your team into advisory heroes with skills that instill client confidence and drive efficient deal execution.
  • Modeling and valuation mastery
  • Complex financial analyses
  • Robust due diligence
  • Pitch perfect pitchbooks
  • Intelligent use of data
Develop Team Skills at the Speed of Markets
Build a deep bench of capital markets strategists who navigate complexity, volatility, and new opportunities with confidence.
  • Financial analysis and modeling mastery
  • Risk assessment and scenario analysis
  • Alternative investments
  • ESG analysis, integration, and investing
  • AI and machine learning
  • Digital assets and cryptocurrency
Navigate Complexity and Build a Stronger Skills Pipeline
Leave the technical training to us, so you can focus on cultivating your talent and serving clients.
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • Credit structuring and analysis
  • Loan underwriting
  • Risk assessment and scenario analysis
Growth Minded Skills-Building at Scale
Equip your team with deep technical and analytical prowess to boost productivity and uncover new growth opportunities.
  • Financial analysis & modeling mastery
  • Risk assessment & scenario analysis
  • Alternative investments
  • Interpret & visualize data
  • ESG analysis, integration, and investing
  • AI and machine learning
  • Digital assets and cryptocurrency
Training That Delivers Outsized Returns
Deliver strategic insights from rigorous analyses and due diligence for faster, smarter deal execution.
  • Modeling and valuation mastery
  • Robust due diligence
  • Risk assessment and scenario analysis
  • ESG analysis, integration, and investing
  • Clear and concise presentations
Build a Resilient Portfolio of Team Skills
Upgrade your team’s collective skills to navigate complexities, seize opportunities, and guide your clients to financial success.
  • Portfolio management
  • Holistic financial planning
  • Equities & fixed income
  • Alternative investments
  • ESG investing
  • Business development & relationship building

Discover Why Leading Financial Institutions Train with CFI

Empower Your Finance Team for Strategic Greatness

Rapid, Targeted Skills Building

Practical training in relevant skills that make an immediate impact

Role-Based and Customizable Learning Paths

Curated skills-building tailored for the most common banking and investment roles

Learn From World-Class Banking and Investment Experts

Top-tier finance professionals teaching top-tier banking and investment practices in real-world scenarios

Tools and Resources to Boost Productivity

Practical resources for real-time problem solving—templates, Excel models, and step-by-step guides

Maximize Training ROI

As little as 5-10% of the cost (per learner) of traditional training

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