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Empower your practitioners with the skills to deliver quick wins and long-term results for your clients.

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Ross McGregor
Principal Consultant, Perth Mint
Helped me understand how to value a technology start up business for a client. I now use CFI to provide me with continuing professional development (CPD) learning, as a Chartered Accountant.
Mohamed Najaf
Helped me gain foundations, improved modeling and general finance skills. We get access to templates that can be used in your day-to-day work.
Shivank G
Senior Consultant
I am developing my financial skills coming from an engineering background especially. I have used the skills developed in this course in my day-to-day work and I have been able to take on more projects outside my comfort zone.
Elisa Silva
Analyst, KPMG Canada
Recorded lessons that I can go back and forth to make sure I understand what I am learning. CFI is helping me to fill the gap about real life situations.
Accelerate Real-World Problem Solving
Highly practical skills training that prepares your people to meet evolving client demands and dynamic market trends.
Management Consulting Accounting Financial Advisory
Turn Bench Time into Transformative Learning Experiences
Build billable expertise by expanding your consultants’ skill sets with cutting-edge capabilities prized by today’s clients.
  • Assess businesses with solid financial analysis fundamentals
  • Navigate financial implications of strategic initiatives
  • Intelligently analyze data with advanced Excel capabilities
  • Learn high-demand skills in ESG & machine learning
Analyze Deeper, Solve Faster, Innovate Better
Elevate your team’s performance with deep technical and analytical skills that deliver sustained client outcomes and instill trust.
  • Modeling and valuation mastery
  • Risk assessment and scenario analysis
  • Intelligently analyze data with advanced Excel capabilities
  • Learn high-demand skills in ESG & machine learning
Prepare Your Advisors to Thrive in a Changing World
Boost your team’s skill development, empowering them to navigate complex financial structures, valuations, and M&A with confidence.
  • Modeling and valuation mastery
  • Complex financial analysis
  • Robust due diligence
  • Pitch perfect pitchbooks
  • Extracting insights from data

Discover Why Leading Firms Train with CFI

Empower Your Practitioners for Strategic Greatness

Rapid, Targeted Skills Building

Practical training in relevant skills that make an immediate impact

Role-Based and Customizable Learning Paths

Curated skills-building tailored for the most common professional services roles

Learn From World-Class Banking and Investment Experts

Top-tier finance professionals teaching top-tier financial and technical practices in real-world scenarios

Tools and Resources to Boost Productivity

Practical resources for real-time problem solving—templates, Excel models, and step-by-step guides

Maximize Training ROI

As little as 5-10% of the cost (per learner) of traditional training

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