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CFI Self-Study
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  • Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)®
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  • Business Intelligence & Data Analyst (BIDA)®
  • Financial Planning & Wealth Management (FPWM)™
  • FinTech Industry Professional (FTIP)™
  • FMVA®
  • CBCA®
  • CMSA®
  • BIDA®
  • FPWM™
  • FTIP™
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Exclusive access to Fin, CFI’s AI-powered chatbot integrated into your course experience
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Trusted by 2+ million professionals worldwide

"CFI FMVA -- Well worth it"

Given the price, I was extremely impressed with the depth of education and quality of materials/templates.

"Too good to be true!"

I have had the honor of completing the FMVA course and I am very pleased with the amount of knowledge that I have gained. The tutorship is excellent and is enhanced by detailed explanations all done in a step by step manner and video presentation to boot! There are many assignments along the way to test your ongoing development and there is no hustle to do anything. You can take your time, repeat your lessons as much as you like. This is one of the most comprehensive of courses, yet enjoyable and packed with information that otherwise may take you years to learn. I will gladly recommend this course to anyone.

"Awesome Content"

Great content on this website. The stuff you learn is actually applicable in the workplace which is refreshing as most courses are overly theoretical out there. Very good value for the money.

"An amazing program provided by CFI"

The FMVA program provided by CFI proved to be a unique learning experience. Knowledge of financial modeling, business strategy, and advanced excel is catered eloquently through the courses. Starting with the foundation courses in Accounting & Finance, I became quickly engaged and inspired to complete the remainder programs in due time. I found the online delivery method that CFI provides ensured that there were clear goals to align each task towards. The team have been consistently courteous to respond to any course questions I had. Overall my experience was amazing and I highly encourage anyone looking to become a Financial Analyst to go through the FMVA program.

"Excellent Finance Education"

CFI delivers an outstanding online education for any aspiring finance professional. The well-arranged dashboard, the top-notch produced video lectures, interactive exercises, and quizzes, keep the participant engaged and motivated throughout the whole program. The CFI programs are a great bridge between financial theory and professional practice.

"The program fully performs what it promises"

I believe the program fully performs what it promises, bridging the gap between work and higher education. For me it means an added value that I cannot describe in words. The program focuses on technical knowledge, which is highly valued since, on average, a student only learns theory before starting work.

"World-class skills set"

FMVA certification is challenging, robust and interesting that equips an accounting/finance professional with world-class skills set to advance their careers excel in their endeavors!

"This was an amazing experience"

This was an amazing experience. I like the way the program is structured. It fits anyone whether a newbie or someone who has been in the field for some time. There is always something new to learn. I am a science student but the way the program is structured, gave me insights such that I can now build financial statements from scratch. Thank you #CFI

"Probably the best online course I’ve ever attended"

Probably the best online course I’ve ever attended. The value for money is immense. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning because I already own an MBA, I would have liked just to refresh some concepts. The program is very hands-on, it spans so many interesting topics that it makes me wonder to go deep studying them. The teachers are very clear. In answering, the customer service is quicker than amazon prime with its deliveries.

"A start for success"

FMVA is an amazing opportunity to test financial knowledge. As a Finance Major, I think that this certification helped me to understand what it is the required benchmark in the industry. I improved my modeling skills, and I think I am ready to be a world class financial analyst.

"Extremely helpful"

FMVA is the most comprehensive course. I have learnt alot. It covered everything from basic accounting to advanced financial analysis. This course was really helpful and informative.

"The instructors were top-notch"

The instructors were top-notch. The training material is truly unmatched. By the end of the course i gained skills that i will need for all of my career life.

Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase an individual certification program?
All of our world-renowned Certification Programs and Specializations are available to our Self-Study and Full Immersion members and are not offered for individual purchases. Self-Study and Full Immersion members have access to the entire CFI training library—including all programs, courses, templates, case studies, and models—for one single price per year.
Do you have a monthly billing option for this membership plan?
No. We do not offer a monthly billing option or monthly membership plans. However, our annual membership plans give you discounted access to all our courses and the flexibility to complete all the courses you wish to take for an entire year.
What payment methods do you accept?
This is a recurring annual payment, and we accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
Can I pay in another currency?
We accept payments in USD only at the moment.
Are there any additional fees to maintain my certification?
None, CFI certifications do not expire, providing a lasting validation of your expertise. We review certification requirements yearly to ensure its continued relevance.
How long does it normally take for one to complete a certification program?
Certification Programs typically take about 3-6 months, while Specialization Programs can be completed in 2-4 weeks. These are approximate timeframes based on studying up to 10 hours per week. You have the freedom to complete CFI training at your own pace! All necessary courses, resources, and assessments for certification will be accessible as long as your membership is active.
Are CFI courses useful outside of the Certification Programs?
Absolutely! Numerous customers rely on CFI courses for continuous professional development to solve day-to-day business challenges in their roles.
Will my membership automatically renew if I sign up?
Your membership is set to automatically renew unless you turn automatic renewals off.
I have a discount code. Can I apply this discount code towards this membership plan?
Yes, you can apply promotional discounts toward this membership plan. See here for instructions on how to enter a discount code.
What is Macabacus? Do I need it?
Macabacus is a Microsoft Office add-on that provides advanced tools and shortcuts for Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. It helps financial analysts increase their efficiency by performing complex analyses more quickly and standardizing PowerPoint presentations. Your CFI Full Immersion membership includes an annual Macabacus subscription worth $300 at no extra cost.
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