Financial Ratios Definitive Guide

A free best practices guide for essential ratios in comprehensive financial analysis and business decision-making.

Your Go-To Resource for Financial Ratios

CFI’s Financial Ratios Definitive Guide provides a focused look at 30+ of the most essential financial ratios that a Financial Analyst uses to analyze a business. Within its pages, finance professionals can quickly look up the ratios and find definitions, formulas, in-depth explanations, and examples.

Key Highlights

  • 30+ of the most common financial ratios for profitability and return, efficiency, liquidity and solvency, plus the DuPont Pyramid of Ratios, in one easy-to-reference guide.
  • Ratio definitions, calculations, interpretation, industry benchmarks, and examples.
  • Best practices for using financial ratios to analyze a business’s financial performance.

Download the Financial Ratios Definitive Guide

The complete resource for designing and building robust, world-class financial models

Everything you’ll learn in the Financial Ratios Definitive Guide

Your free download includes comprehensive coverage of 30+ financial ratios, and:

  • Why to use ratio analysis
  • Types of ratios
  • A best practice approach to ratio analysis
  • Critical tips for effective ratio analysis
  • Overviews of trend (horizontal) analysis
  • The importance of visualizing trends
  • Types of benchmarking
  • Return and profitability ratios
  • Asset utilization ratios
  • Solvency ratios
  • Liquidity ratios
  • The DuPont pyramid of ratios

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