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Accredited online courses, career learning paths, and resources to equip your students with practical knowledge and real-world skills that employers demand.

CFI for Higher Education

From Classroom to Career Success

CFI's Training Empowers Faculty to Better Prepare Students for Interviews and Jobs

From Theory to Practical Skills

CFI’s hands-on curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, providing your students with practical skills to make an immediate impact in the workforce.

Taught at investment banks and major financial institutions, our flexible programs offer step-by-step, real-world learning for successful careers in investment banking, capital markets, accounting, corporate finance, and more.

Designed by Experienced Industry Professionals

CFI courses are developed and taught by seasoned finance & banking professionals, covering traditional and emerging areas of business finance, including financial modeling, commercial lending, securities & trading, data analytics, and more.

Our subject matter experts partner with industry practitioners to deliver engaging, accurate, and always up-to-date learning content. We are committed to providing practical and affordable education to help students break into corporate finance careers.

Accredited Certifications and Customizable Courses

CFI’s globally recognized certifications, including FMVA, CBCA, CMSA, BIDA, and FPWM, validate the skills and knowledge of your students to potential employers, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

And, with over 150 topic-based courses and 5,000+ on-demand lessons, you can easily customize your curriculums to meet your students’ needs and give them the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

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“CFI closes the gap between theoretical knowledge learned in college and practical skills that employers are looking for.”

Joseph Cozzolino, Financial Solutions Advisor at Merrill Lynch

Trusted by millions of students and thousands of employers

Real-world experiences

Prepare students for the workforce with hands-on case studies and simulations

Comprehensive training library

Hundreds of finance and banking topics to enhance your curriculum

100% online and flexible

Give students the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace

Downloadable study materials

Editable Excel models, templates, and step-by-step guides to aid student learning

Custom and turnkey learning paths

Choose from pre-built programs or integrate specific courses into your curriculum

Learning Insights

Get insights into your students' progress to help them succeed

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